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Midtown Bootboys - Road nazis

Published on 12 May 2022 / In Music

⁣Cruising down Brookside faster than the law will allow us
We got a case of beer and a fifth of Jim Beam to drown us
Up on the sidewalk what do I see
A fish-eyed n***** staring back at me
I go over the curb and I step on the gas
It's a blast!!!
I got big steer horns on the front of my car
They try to get away but they don't get too far
I got crusted blood, in my wiper blades
If the horn's blowing Dixie, get out of our way
Road n***s - whoooooaaaaaah
Road n***s - the Third Reich on wheels
Road n***s - whoooooaaaaaah
Road n***s - I like to hear 'em squeal
Cruising down the alley lookin' for another victim
Leanin' out the window with a 2 x 4 to hit 'em
He was bleeding like hell but that beaner flew
He was screaming and hollering "I did not do!"
We're outta the car and we're kicking his a**
It's a blast!!!
Chorus (x2)

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Schmetterling 7 days ago

I spy a German UBoat with horns. Loved the old Lincolns 😁

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