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Mind Control Through Technology

Published on 29 Aug 2020 / In Satanism / Occult
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Wicked01 1 year ago

Absafkinlutely…the connecting bridge to people being controlled & destroyed…Satan’s playground is the black screen of all tech. gadgets!

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Prorsum 3 years ago

" obviously it'll look pretty wierd if you're walking atound with boxes on your head"

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NoMoreBrotherWars 3 years ago

Pure evil. They must have implanted these electrodes in blacks' brains long ago for instant and constant rage...

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Dinosour 3 years ago

This is the scariest shit I have seen in a while. Must be stopped.

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3 years ago

ADOLF HITLER 16 minutes ago
@GMOareTARES: you are such a dumb nigger. i dont even read your shite. just watch you get triggered and laugh at you like the nigger you are

@ADOLF HITLER: Your voice... the words which you have to choose to rebut... amazing!

You might be my kindred flesh, but now I understand why Yahweh's wroth will consume even his own in that day... and they will go on to everlasting shame and contempt!

I hold you in contempt!

Even though I miscegenated... before I knew about Two Seed Line Doctrine, and the disobediences of lying with the beasts... I look back... and was never ever as you are now... an absolute, uncouth piece of work!

You are an anomoly and an anachronism... dating back to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil... your responses drip with that poison!

You do not offend me, nor do you deter who and what I am... a progenetor of Adam!

You... on the other hand... that remains to be known... for your double standard with those whom you choose to like and those whom you choose to discard are textbook Narcissism 101, ROFL...

I rebuke you in the name of the mighty Yahshua Christ, and ask heretofore that in this time that my creator look upon the twain and, in His permissive will, bring about a solution to your, and my, situation!

But you'll probably mock that as well... ROFL... when my "Dad" will not be mocked!

No... I am not "triggered"... but the likes of you certainly DO make me locked and loaded, and await HIS call!

Praise Yahweh/Yahshua Christ!

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