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Mind Flux- Cars On Mars

Published on 14 Sep 2021 / In Music

When President Woodrow Wilson signed The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 he gave allowance to a group of Jewish murderers to create and issue the money everyone in the nation uses which allows Jews to pay the Authorities to serve them and to murder, rob and imprison the rest of us. Their Courts never have to prove us guilty but their Newspapers can lie to the public everyday while they make movies daily filled with lies to subvert and destroy nations. It is dictatorship and treason which goes unpunished only while the banks issue their money. Adolf Hitler put a stop to the issuance of this money in Germay so the Jews created the biggest lie in History to get our nations into war. They wanted the Gold and other Treasures that Germany had and they took it and placed it into their own bank in New York. Germany had been the wealthiest nation on earth and now with the simple allowance to create the money everyone uses these Jews take from us all what we have and rule as true dictators over any issuing their money. If the banks are ever made to stop issuing this money their owners and all of our crooked District Attorneys, Judges and police officers will receive charges of treason and their many other crimes they get away with now. We all see the rhetoric and idealogy of Jewish Supremacy everyday in movies lying to us about History which is made possible by Court Orders to the police to confiscate evidences of Jewish crimes. With these controls over our legal departments they bring nations into greater slavery and police control. To be jailed for a crime you did not commit and convicted in a trial court without proof of guilt while their records reflect any lie is what people experience and all because of this creation they call money, their own. This is the song Cars On Mars by Mind Flux from their album Konception of Space.

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VaXXXaNation 2 days ago

Cant believe space Travel is Possible with Thrust Technology. Weight of Craft X Thrust / Air density reduction per Kilometer would mean the Craft would reach a certain height and hover unable to go higher (Lack of Air density / Thrust). Then fall.

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Soldier1 3 days ago

Cute song!

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