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Published on 17 May 2021 / In Interesting
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HereAmI 4 months ago

A lot is implied here but not said; because to openly say something, you need clarity and understanding, otherwise you obscure what you see.
The danger therefore is that you see the trees, but not the forest which they form.
To truly see, you have to be able to fit what you see into a simple framework, and to give it a name, or nobody will understand what you are talking about.
An analogy would be to many blindfolded men standing around an elephant and feeling its various appendages - unless the whole animal is seen all at once, the different impressions gained by the several experiencers of it will lack coherence, and will confuse rather than educate.
So we start off with a Word, which is the ability God has to envisage an item and to create it so it fulfills His purpose, which is the increasing of His glory, and our enjoyment of it.
And so the Act of Creation occurred, as we read in Genesis.
We have the same ability in essence, because we were created in the image of God; thus our ability to envisage and make hairbrushes, etc.
This Word, of course, is personified in a Man, the Son of God, but before the Son ever existed, the Word was there, as John states through the power of the holy spirit acting through him.
Time does not exist, but rather, it is God's slow consideration of what He has decided will happen, ie the allowing of His thoughts to slowly move from cause to effect, from the beginning of His purpose to the end, rather like a spotlight travelling across a game board, so that those for whom time was devised, ie us, will not be overwhelmed, because our nervous systems can only experience a small amount at any one particular time.
So we live and die in small patches of this light, and the spotlight moves on, and leaves us behind, buried in the ground.
If He opened up the spotlight, the entire board would be illuminated, but we would be overwhelmed by the revelation.
In contrast to these things, another force is at work, the Opposer, who can only ever mimic what the Creator has done, so he set up a system on earth which manipulates us via alternating current, or now via 5G, which has become ubiquitous, and this may well rely on church buildings with their spires, etc.
Going back in time, I think that the pyramids of Egypt were indeed built as energy harvesters, and their precise orientation was such as to direct the energy they produced, not downwards for the service of man, but upwards to the sides of the north, where the throne of God is, which satan wishes to destroy, and which he had previously been unable to occupy and destroy when he caused men to start to build the Tower of Babel.
We know that as electrical beings, we are completely susceptible to electromagnetic fields, and this is what the Opposer has enveloped us in, so as to blind us to our true nature, and to drown out the "still small voice" via which God seeks to communicate with us..
And thus the "machinery of churches", which the video poster referred to, which when once built, cause all those who pass through them to be programmed to behave in particular way, being "conformed" by it, rather than "transformed" by another spirit altogether, which does not require buildings or special clothing or specially elected people to operate it.

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LeniRiefenstahl 4 months ago

what a beautiful explanation! 😊✋🙏

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HereAmI 4 months ago


It's too long.
Simply put, God communicates with us via His spirit, which requires no special towers, or tunnels, or buildings.
Satan cannot do what God does, so he has built up physical infrastructure which seeks to electromagnetically deafen us to God's spirit - the fact that this has gathered pace of late shows that the end of all things is nigh.

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