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Miss Canepa is dead

Published on 14 Jun 2021 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough
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frogsgottalent 18 days ago

Very sad. God bless her soul.

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WarrenofAlbyne 2 months ago

I don't know which is worse; the bastards who inject this shyte, or the stupid eejits who fall for the poison-prick.

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Zombie_Annihilation 2 months ago

Another white person killed by the JWO.

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pater409 2 months ago

The Italian Medicines Agency authorized the poison for kids aged 12-15, so its directors must also be taking ball-less JEW cock up their assholes. Everyone is compromised. The Italians are no less so, no less a bumbling bunch of ball-less JEW COWARD cocksuckers. All the countries that form Western Europe happily bend over and spread their cheeks for the feces-eating, child-abusing, palm-rubbing, hook-nosed fucking JEW. I hope the members of the IMA all choke on the next ball-less JEW COWARD cock they have shoved into their mouth--for being abusers of children. Shame on those fucking cocksuckers.

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WhiteNight 2 months ago

.... The Lake of Fire working hard to bring everybody in YET nothing on TV agents reporting of that joy....LOL

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