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Money: The Fed is Secretly Ushering in Chaos

Ever Ishtar Ra
Published on 14 May 2022 / In Uncategorized

"Hold on to your potatoes! We're going for a ride..." 🤑
"⁣Stagflation coming. With inflation going wild, many are still unable to pay their debt. The cost of goods is accelerating faster than their ability to earn. The real estate sector is on red alert. The U.S. consumer is maxed out. They need more stimulus in order to continue this economy. And of course, stocks need their artificial boost as well. The U.S. consumer is maxed out. Consumer sentiment is down heavily. Real estate continues to increase in price right now as we see low interest rates keep this going. There is upward pressure on markets right now globally because of the inflation of the money supply. As a result, we are finding prices of just about everything being higher. Money, cash, debt is coming into the markets at this time finding its way into stocks, bonds, real estate. Social security is running out of money. Pension funds are not keeping up with inflation. Natural gas and crude oil prices are rising as well as all energy and food prices. Commodities are rising higher including oil, crude oil. Some believe there will be inflation while others suggest stagflation, and others suggest deflation. Inflation resulted in food prices rising, electricity, energy prices. Gold and silver prices have gone higher."
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13 May 2022

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