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Published on 08 Jan 2023 / In Uncategorized

⁣Horrific Hidden Cam Video Shows Chink Nigger Boyfriend Brutally Beating His Girlfriend

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WhiteWarrior 23 days ago

You have been demoted from sandwich maker to dishwasher.

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BasedAndAwake 24 days ago

translation: "cunt you didn't get all A's in school this semester? No more bubble tea for you and no more flavored noodles. Only sticky rice until you study harder bitch! I don't cut fruit for you anymore I kick you on the floor" Mom: "why don't you kick her harder she got B+?" Dad: "yes one more kick so you don't grow up to be a slut"

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gocatss50 3 months ago

Regardless of how a woman can be or what she does to you, a Real Man never hits a woman, you say your words, then walk away.

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whitepride73 3 months ago

stupid bitch probably deserved it. they all do these days. money grubbing, back stabbing cunts - the whole lot of them. yeah I know, the first thought is... "oh no the big bad man monster is hitting the poor innocent princess!" but that's not the case anymore today.

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WhiteWinger 3 months ago

Do we know that's a girlfriend? I'd have guessed daughter. Sometimes children require a drastic life-altering correction. If she was throwing her life away for a nigger or drugs - which would likely mean her entire life - a thorough ass kicking as a last resort would be in order. The woman holding the baby doesn't seem to think the ass kicking was uncalled for.

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TinyCow 3 months ago

i was thinking the same

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BasedAndAwake 24 days ago

maybe it's a catamite boy, quite common in east asia

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