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Moon Landing Hoax, Sept 4, 2022

Published on 04 Sep 2022 / In Moon Landings

Moon landing exposed

Stanley Kubrick in interview admits he helped NASA fake the moon landing.
Good short videos especially number one and three! The third one is very interesting regarding there NEVER being satellites as 99% of all communication had been through submarine transatlantic cables only to be updated to fiberoptics and 1% dish towers within the last several decades.

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ytrebiLeurT 23 days ago

No one can tell if it was filmed in the studio or on the moon...

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BrianGrossman 24 days ago

Jim. If you and Bill Fincke don't care about the shape of the earth and that we were lied to... Then why would you care if the moon landing is faked or not. You can't even mention Flat Earth in this video. That filthy jew rat David Cole was right about you Jim. You are retarded. Stupid fucking eye talian. Waste of space. Go fade away you stupid moron.

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AntijewKing 24 days ago

We been lied to, about EVERYTHING..

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BrianGrossman 24 days ago

yup. Jim is illiterate. He can read all the books in the world. He will never get it though.

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DTGKSonofGod 24 days ago

Absolutely !

I believe it was Mark Twain that made a similar phrase :

"It's easier to be deceived into believing a lie ; then it is to be convinced , that you have been lied to."

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DTGKSonofGod 24 days ago

Just look at the overfed subhuman welfare ape , pretending to be human and teaching a class of Superior White Students !

Absolute f....g Insanity !!!!!!!!!!!

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