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Moon Man - Race First (New EP)

Moon Central
Published on 10 Jun 2021 / In Music

⁣(0:00) Race First
(4:30) 20 Siege Tenets
(7:56) Try Again
(11:36) The National Anthem
(12:38) Gassing All The Kikes
(16:01) I Took The Red Pill
(19:13) It's Jews
(22:34) Moon Man Will Find You in the End

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tarzzan 1 year ago

could you upload white devil? its the only one i cant find as a full album

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Moon Central
Moon Central 1 year ago

Every Moon album ever made can be found at

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AntiCuck82 1 year ago

@Moon Central: The Artist we need and deserve , the voice of a generation , the voice of the silent majority

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