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Moon on the P1000 camera - Not a solid object

Published on 11 May 2022 / In Film & Animation

⁣Moon on the P1000 camera - Not a solid object

⁣The fast track to understand what is going on - no bullshit videos: (topics are mixed) (topics are mixed) (topics are mixed)

MeWe (unlimited posts and scrolling): No Virus Vaccines are bio-weapon by definition Bluetooth nanochip in Vaccine The pyramid of power DNA is a hoax Hidden history

GAB (limited posts and scrolling): No virus (no covid, no hiv, ...) Bluetooth nanochip in vaccine The pyramid of power (media lies, fake money, ...) Vaccines are bio-weapon by definition Flat Earth - Terre Plate Fake Ukraine War DNA is a hoax Nukes are fake Hidden history

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JewRSubhuman 1 year ago

What kind of gay shit was that.
At least offer an AIDS test to your views so we dont all become fags watching this nonsense

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