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Morality makes you helpless it's a weapon being used against you

Published on 25 Dec 2021 / In Uncategorized

The enemy uses morality in order to either pacify you,or ensure that if you fight it is on their behalf. They want you on your knees either bowing before them and their god or their governments,and if they can't get you on your knees they will manipulate you into fighting on their behalf. If you are fighting for some moral bullshit violently or not the enemy already has full control over you.
Abandon the false morality that's been spoon fed to you since early childhood. See through the lies and wake up!
The enemy is manipulating you through moral grandstanding and shaming tactics to make you a helpless pawn in their game.
Stop playing their game,stop believing their bullshit create your own moral landscape decide for yourself who you are,what you believe,and what you are going to do!
Stop letting these puritanical moral busybodies making all of your decisions for you,break free of these chains! Morality is subjective and it's time to become what these people consider "evil" so that we can actually win
These puritans will lead you and everyone like you to your death in the name of their principles and their fucking god and they'll feel no remorse while you are painfully dying and the white race is exterminated from the earth
They don't care about you,they don't really care about us or our race! All they care about is their god and their moral grandstanding bullshit!
Fuck them! How about all of us "degenerate" white men who love big titties and whiskey tell these fucking puritans to fuck off! Lets shove a spike up their asses and let the crows pick out their eyeballs while they rot in the sun!
We can save ourselves,we can save our white race....we just have to get this puritanical monkey off our backs and kill it with fire so it never bothers us again! Embrace human Nature! Embrace war! Embrace big fat anime titties!

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