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more footage from down under- arresting a woman cos she got a sign

Published on 18 Sep 2021 / In Uncategorized


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TrumanBurbank 1 month ago

Cowards just stood there while the police arrested one of them? Sorry aussies but you are going to continue to be treated like this if you continue to roll over and take it.

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ellockjack 1 month ago

Why do people who are supposedly free have to go around protesting for freedom? It doesn't make any sense at all if you are free.

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Orwell 1 month ago

Jews are purging the unvaxxed from our USA Government, leaving only the Jews' obedient vaxxed stooges in our Government. This is catastrophic. Judges, police, military, etc. will no longer be on the side of the people.

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Freedom 1 month ago

This is where these people have to become more like France. Attack the police in swarm and run them off.

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Bill 1 month ago

Time for the pigs to be treated as enemy combatants

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