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More Thinking Out Loud

Published on 12 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

other than the fact that I'm alive, I have no life and nothing to do so as a consequence I do a lot of thinking.
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eojnitram 14 days ago

Wow. Ok please hear me out here. I found you on YouTube in 2018 and you single handedly helped me through a mental breakdown where I began to see the nature of this reality. I saw the sudden disappearance of content from that channel and my heart was broken because I assumed the worst. you feel like a kindred soul. We are subjected to utter humiliation and abject torture in this realm, and for the most part we have to live the experience in a sea of unaware, toxic, manipulated beings that would be annihilated under the weight of the truth of this experience. Though objectively I feel that every day is the worst day of my life now… I simply cannot express my gratitude for you. It is unspeakable what you putting your thoughts out into the world has done for me and im so glad to see that here you are. Much love my friend, and thank you more than you know.


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SophiePendragon2 15 days ago

Have you seen the film "I Am Mother" it depicts the created awakening to the reality of their creator.

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I have not seen it.

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LordOfTheDamp 15 days ago

Do you know of that Hross guy on YouTube? I think he's South African. His channel used to be called Central Intelligence Agency but he changed it recently to Giureh. According to him the Jews are not the problem. He claims that it's the Knight's Templar and the pharaonic elites who rule Europe and the USA, and their main base or headquarters is Switzerland. If you're not already familiar with the channel, here's the link:

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LordOfTheDamp 15 days ago

If you get chance, I'd be interested to hear your opinion on this guy.

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AmericanKozak 15 days ago

Sometimes it seems like everything is a distraction from the catastrophe that is about to wipe every last one of us out. Solar storms, canary islands sliding off into the ocean sending 100 feet tall waves into NYC, yellowstone, san andreas fault, etc. Our piece of dirt called earth coming unglued turning into one of those cymatic pattern tables. Mr2Tuff2 has a channel on youtube, and the patterns sand makes on his vibrator table literally looks like google earth, Lichtenberg figures for mountain ranges.
What prompted this comment was me learning just now that the LaPalma volcano in the Canary Islands has had over 300 earthquakes in the past week about 9km deep, all within a 10km radius of one another. In 1949 an earthquake split the island and the western half sank six feet. Worst case scenario, within 9hrs of collapse NYC will have a 100 foot tsunami.
The fucked up part is I woke up from a lucid dream nightmare this morning where a tidal wave hit the NYC highrise I was in and I was completely disoriented and the building began moving. The timing is not a coincidence to me, and neither is a folded $100 bill looking like a NYC skyline with a wall of water heading for it.

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Atlas Castaneda
Atlas Castaneda 15 days ago

Good stuff.

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