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Mortician Reveals "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" Statistics in Babies

Published on 09 Aug 2022 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

The truth is staring at us in the face.

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happyapple4 2 months ago

When my mother was pregnant with me in the late1960's she received absolutely no vaccine. She would not have allowed it anyway. Today women have been dumbed down to the point that they will accept over 10 vaccines while pregnant. These people follow orders, do what they're told and allow male gynecologists to rape them. The medical system is abhorrent and needs to be put down.

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Konrad 4 months ago

All funeral homes are owned/operated by freemasons. Be careful what you believe.

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AppalachianAmerican 4 months ago

I g....wi.. .... .....

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Spectralwulf 4 months ago

If 75% are miscarriages, I wonder what percentage of the remaining 25% are having birth defects or immediate health problems? Will the surviving ones pass on problems to their own children in the future? This is looking like the most evil shit to ever befall mankind. This makes every mass extermination in history look like child's play!

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Konrad 2 months ago

@Schmetterling: yes the jews are old hands at doing this. Our ancestors torched the filthy, low-life scum.

If only enough of us would work together to eradicate this trash forever.

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