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Motor Vehicle Ownership Doubts in Mexico

Published on 05 Nov 2021 / In Travel & Events


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Nemesis1 27 days ago (edited)

They will follow us anywhere we go because we build civilisations. Just as jews in England stole Palestine for themselves and infest our countries still. Also the welfare system is a problem . While the jews in our governments are giving forced tax payers money to them for doing nothing but breed and multiply then they are a huge life threatening burden to us .Parasites always follow the host . They wont go away by themselves. If you say we want our own country they will accuse you of white supremacy yet they can say mexico for mexicans and not recognise the utter hypocracy in their thinking.

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SaxonWarrior 27 days ago

Until jews and multiculturalism is eliminated and our governments are representing the White people who built this country exclusively NOTHING WILL CHANGE!!
Further, we purchased Texas, CA, etc from Mexico so why are we supposed to pretend they have a right to our property?! Wouldn't they do the same thing a 100 years from now?! The ONLY solution is to eliminate jews, this form of government and multiculturalism, THEY'RE IS NO POLITICAL SOLUTION!!

No Safe Haven - Stripped Bare & Naked

There is No Political Solution

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