Mudshark Delusions of beauty

Published on 03 Dec 2020 / In Niggers

Sick mudshark cradles hideous mulatto she made with a violent porch monkey

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Confederate NationalSocialist

I would either hang the wife or send her to a concentration camp. Whilst the baby can get its brains shot out

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TruthSeeker16 9 months ago

Now she is all alone to take care of a mentally retarded mud coloured monkey baby.

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twistedjoker 1 year ago

Tha baby ape is so fucken ugly it makes me sick to see a white women with a half bread nigger baby all these half nigger half white come out so ugly not the same ugly as the nigger monkeys but another type of ugly. the face and hair are always the same weird color.

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WhiteTramplesDirt 2 years ago

You know, her facial expression is fucking hilarious. At 4 seconds in she's like: "He's not that ugly right, come on look at mommy.." Then at 6 seconds: "Oh lord, no,, it's ok, it's fine, come on look at mommy again sweetie..". Then at 10 seconds she's like: "WHY, OH MY GOD LORD WHAT HAVE I DONE.." Then you can hear her soul shatter from utter disgust. LOL

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fajapekillerX 2 years ago

Well written description of that useless white whores facial expression.
An entire language can be written , just observing those facial cues.

And your absolutely right about the subhuman beast , that dumb ass bitch is holding ; it's uglier then sin .

Just wait a few years and that subhuman beast will be 10 times uglier then sin and hoopy goldbeeerg !

Another observation that cannot be overlooked , is the size of that niggers tongue - mouth - bootlips.

A niggers tongue - mouth - bootlips are larger in mass then any other known biped and is one of several reasons why niggers cannot articulate letters - words and speech coherently and understandably .

The speech / language impediments specific to niggers is so pronounced , they need an entirely new form of communication between themselves and other nigger tribes . Its called : "" EBONICS "" aka Mumbling

niggers and their great ape relatives are the only 2 groups that have a : ""SIMIAN SHELF"" :{ deep row of bony ridges found behind their K9s }: this is another reason why they cannot speak any language understandably.

niggers all prefer to communicate non-verbally via gesticulation -
flailing their elongated extremities -
publicly interlocking their secondary sexual characters -
impulsive uncontrollable synchronistic and collegiate voo doo like dance rituals -
mumbing -
skull bobbin -
screaming like banshees -
scratching and clawing -
pulling at each others insect bristled skulls :{ niggers do not have human hair , the grunge on their ape ass skulls have no follicle or blood supply - geneticists knew over 100 yrs. ago , that the grunge on a niggers skull is identical to INSECT BRISTLES }:
spitting hockards on each other -
wiping biological waste on each other , as a form of territorialism -
biting -
stabbing -
shooting -
cannibalism -
publicly raping white girls and woman -
running each other over with vehicles -
the list goes into infinity !!

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milhouse 2 years ago

Erasing the White Male

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