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Published on 24 Feb 2021 / In Cars & Vehicles

Driver Targets Jews In Hancock Park

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Finnbarrhagan 2 months ago

I laughed so much it really disturbed my masturbation

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Allophylian 2 months ago

Jews attacked by the enmity they've created. Soon the world will turn against them.

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Get Vaccinated
Get Vaccinated 3 months ago

What goes around comes around you dirty kike.

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utubepariah 5 months ago

@1:16 "that window's closing." But what organizations are opening the doors to Muslim immigration?

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"I just think that it is a much more violent and scary world than we all thought it was, we had a few years of civility after the holocaust and now that window is closing..."
HMMMMMMM I wonder fucking why jew? Could it be because of all the filth your people bring to your Host Nation, HMMMMM...
Could it be because of the laws your people are trying to pass in America???? HMMMMMM
Could it be the fact that your group is the biggest terrorist organization there is???? HMMMMM
Could it be because of jews in control of America's war machine bombing their countries.... HMMMM, maybe Muhammad Muhammad could tell you.
Could it be that, People are finally waking up to the real problem that plagues America, Which is you jews and the pet blacks you brought to America to be your slaves... HMMMMM
Could it be because every nation that host's you will eventually be overthrown into some shitty democracy and then fall into communist dictatorship with some tyrannical jew is in charge???HMMMMM. Could that be the reason????
Could it be, that you jews are stealing the wealth of America with your fictitious 10 % fractional reserve banking system???
Could it be because 9-11, USS Liberty, WW1, WW2, Vietnam??
Could it be the famines that you cause, the slaughter of 30 to 60 million Christians? Could it be because of jewish bolshevism????
Could it be because you have to have your grubby little fucking hands in everything, and refuse to let people in the country run their own fucking country??? HMMMMMMM
Hitler knew the reason, I know the reason, Muhammad Muhammad knows the reason...
What will you jews do when the majority of people know the reason??? HMMMMM....

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