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My Life For Ireland (1941) - Third Reich Movies ๐ŸŽฅ๐Ÿฟ โŒ

Published on 15 Oct 2021 / In Film & Animation

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My โฃLife for Ireland (German: Mein Leben f\u00fcr Irland) is a National Socialist movie from 1941 directed by Max W Kimmich, telling a story of Irish heroism and martyrdom over two generations of British occupation. The movie was produced for German occupied Europe with the intent of challenging pro-British allegiances. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Wilhelm Depenau and Otto Erdmann.

Cast Anna Dammann, Maeve Fleming, Renue Deltgen, Robert Devoy, Paul Wegener, Sir George Beverley, Werner Hinz, Michael O'Brien Senior
Will Quadflieg, Michael O'Brien Junior
Heinz Ohlsen, Patrick O'Connor, Eugen Klufpfer, Duffy Hans Bergmann, Kapituen der 'Black and Tans' Claus Clausen, Patrick Pollock Will Dohm, Barrington (teacher) Karl John, Raymond Davitt Hans Quest, Henry Beverley Wilhelm Borchert, Thomas O'Neill, Jack Trevor as the president of the martial court Charles John, Raymond Davitt.

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