As advertised a few months back I have created a new website for more of a Free Speech Atmosphere, I will no longer allow FE Theory at WT.Online but will at Truth In The World Dot Com, I will not allow FE here as per the last few months and doubt that I ever will, I Loathe it mainly because of all the infighting it brings and a certain tribe is laughing at us because of it, Meanwhile they are up to the usual tricks while we squabble over something with Zero Relevance, Danke

My Pursuit Of Justice

Published on 06 Aug 2020 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

This video exposes a crime of treason that involves almost every single agency within the government and its a crime so massive that it can only be believed by seeing it with your own eyes. Thankfully for us, it's all caught on camera.
- FBI, US Army, US Air Force and the Israeli Defense Forces are all exposed in this video working together to stage fake terror on Americans.

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Mr. Anonymus
Mr. Anonymus 2 years ago

If you’re the original video maker then I have an answer to the riddle you find yourself in, and if not... please, do pass this along to the appropriate person(s). (or at least reply with how I can do so myself) It begins with courage, followed by mere perseverance, and made whole with resolve. I know this video is centered around the fact you can’t ever believe who is or is not military by what you know but in times such as that - no one close to you that you can trust - trust a stranger... or don’t. The courage begins us with legal purchase of land with a viable water supply and some large game migration pattern would be helpful. Declaration of sovereignty publicly and proudly. Make the audience as wide as you possibly can. Declare yourself a country and immediately muscle in to the world stage via communication routes at the w.h.o. and governmental bodies of the same caliber. Begin manufacturing your own firearms, ammunition , planting your own vegetables and procuring things for health and wound dressing. Also, make communication with the ‘terrorists’ iran, syria, and all other countries not under central banking control and say you stand with them and wish to stand against the zionist government with them. Probably won’t help much but will send a statement globally. All of that encompasses perseverance and lastly is resolve to not waiver or give in. I know it is a herculean effort to attempt especially being behind enemy lines so to speak but it is merely what our forefathers did for us to gain our independence and it needs to happen again. I know this seems like a lure to attract low hanging fruit but when this is the new town square and the powers that shouldn’t be can police that square then what won’t seem like a trap but nonetheless here is my contact info.

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