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MyWhiteSHOW -- 9/11 So Simple

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Published on 09 Sep 2020 / In 911

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9/11 is so simple, the gist of it fits in one verse of a song.

9/11 is, of course, September 11, 2001, the day when two airplanes hit two World Trade Center towers but three towers fell.

The song is “The Q Is WHO.”

The verse is this:

They wrote the CONstitution before the convention.
They wrote the Patriot Act before 9/11.

Arabs didn’t own the planes and towers.
Arabs didn’t win the 4billion dollars.
Muslims didn’t warn the tribe to stay away.
Muslims don’t make media lie every day.

9/11 is that simple.

Let’s take it from the top. ...
(Get it all at

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MediaGiant 2 years ago

I believe the Patriot Act was rejected twice prior to 9/11. Cynthia McKinney was the only person to not sign this act into law after this crime was committed, calling for time to let the emotions subside before enacting such draconian laws.

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Hollyw00d 2 years ago


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Sherry Beme
Sherry Beme 2 years ago

Once again I totally agree

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jbl .
jbl . 2 years ago

Sherry, you bring joy to my channel and, thus, my life. Much appreciated. (This does not mean you can't disagree sometimes! :-) )

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