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⁣NASA's Laughable Apollo Lunar Lander by Eric Dubay

Melissa Lev
Published on 06 Oct 2021 / In Moon Landings
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TomasBoarman 4 months ago

Virgil "gus" Grissom was from a working class indiana town and earned a mechanical engineering degree.
A true american hero, who most likely wouldve exposed this judeomason bs, so he and his crew were sacrificed.
Living on the " space coast" and they are still launching a lot of rockets for the braindead to believe and worship.
It really is sickening how stupid the entire thing is

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Username 10 months ago (edited)

I came across a Saturday morning news segment for kids from December 1980 about the "busses of the future" that cities across the US had purchased to take America into the next century. Well, they couldn't even take riders five blocks it turned out with all their problems [brake problems, cracks in the bus frame and support frame, air conditioner issues, and an engine actually fell out of one bus]. At some point the Voice over announces: "The busses are made by the Grumman Corporation, the same company that built the Lunar Lander which put men on the moon."

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Melissa Lev
Melissa Lev 10 months ago

Ahahaha, no surprise there.

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