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Published on 12 Dec 2020 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

This will be the last video i upload on flat earth as i do not think people are ready to bring this topic into a conversation without ego and programming from world government schooling. As with people that do not want to question what they have been told they will call you all sorts of names under the sun instead of showing proof that the earth is round. The only evidence you have is from NASA and this video shows you just how credible they can be. Enjoy.
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darkmatter 4 months ago

personally I'd be inclined to think Von Braun wasn't fakery

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apekillerX 6 months ago

nasa is just another extension of hollywood. Those fake ass jews / SOS write - produce and direct all their science fiction movies underwater , in pitch blackness. They are the masters of lies and deception ! Why is this ?? The core reason is : "Parasitism". All FAJ / SOS have a natural and pathological aversion to labor. They have convinced the world that they are the real chosen Race and that the holocaust was real - their fake money is real - outer space is real - evolution is real - egalitarianism is science - viruses exist - White's are evil - fake news is real - politics aka democrat / Republican are real - etc.. The famous motto of the FAJ / SOS is : "" IF IT ISN'T THERE WE WILL MAKE IT ALL UP "".

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SwedishViking 9 months ago

The jesuits and the freemasons created the heliohoaxing model

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Radio War NOW! -The Anti-Propagandist Podcast-

I believe Walt Disney was just a man who was engulfed with joys from the future tech dilusion. He was anti-commie after all.

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TomasBoarman 9 months ago

$58 million, every single day.

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