NBC News mistakes

Published on 29 Aug 2021 / In 911

NBC News Made video switching mistakes. They show one with the crash of the plane then a couple of others with no plane. See if you can catch the mistakes. Turn the sound down and just watch the video

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Frederic 2 years ago

There are witnesses saying there is no plane, and others that say there was. I think there are three groups of people: real witnesses, paid actors and a bunch of panicked fools that just followed the media narrative afterwards and believed there were also planes. It worked just perfect... too perfect.
Are all the people interviewed claiming they saw planes paid actors to convince the public there were plains? After I learned about Project Blue Beam I am starting to have doubts. I mean if this whole thing was staged to launch the Greater Israel Project in the Middle-East, you better get things straight. This whole event was staged and massively prepared for in the decades earlier (see also the WTC bombings earlier before). Government puppets were put in place. Crisis actors were put in place. The kike media was put in place (they claimed WTC 7 had collapsed while it still stood). The police, fire and healthcare departments where put in place (not entirely informed of course) and then the chaos commenced. The rest were cattle for the slaughter.
They could have used early CGI or Project Blue Beam projections to make it look like a plane hit the building from certain angles so it would explain that not everyone could have seen a plane (it would have been the first world wide deception by using CGI projections). The reflection of the sun and buildings could have explained why some could not have seen it, while other did (just a thought). Then the buildings collapsed in a perfect free fall (which is totally not possible even according to architects) while witnesses claim they saw explosion in the lowers parts of the WTC's BEFORE the buildings started to free fall collapse. There were also reports of certain companies owned by kikes that informed their kike staff not to turn up on 9/11 while large portions of those they call Goyim where not informed (the level of deception and planning done is beyond what we know of these kike creatures. Don't ever underestimate them). Also never forget the dancing Israeli kikes that were captured. The kike nation is 100% involved.
I now know this whole thing was staged, but the way they pulled it off makes it one big information mess.

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