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Neanderthalensis Among Us

The Gold Pill
Published on 08 May 2021 / In Judaism / Talmud

# Living Neanderthals in our cities. Hybridology, Gene Mutations:

# ⁣The Biological Repercussions and Genetic diseases of neanderthal species hybridization.

• Pyschosis (Psychosis is a condition that affects the way your brain processes information. It causes you to lose touch with reality. You might see, hear, or believe things that aren't real.)

• Sociopathy (Sociopathy refers to a pattern of antisocial behaviors and attitudes, including manipulation, deceit, aggression, and a lack of empathy for others.)

• Necrophilia

• Coprophilia (feces attraction)

• Coprophagia (feces eating)

• Coprographia (

• Coprolalia (involuntary utterance of obscene words)

• Copropraxia (a tic consisting of involuntarily performing obscene or forbidden gestures, or inappropriate touching. Copropraxia comes from the Greek κόπρος (kópros), meaning "feces", and πρᾶξις (prâxis), meaning "action". Copropraxia is a rare characteristic of Tourette syndrome.)

• Pedophilia

• Filomofylía (homosexuality)

• Arsenokoitía (sodomy)

• Schizophrenia

• Keratosis (alergy to sunlight)

• Schizotypalia (People with schizotypal personality disorder are loners who prefer to keep their distance from others and are uncomfortable being in relationships. They sometimes exhibit odd speech or behavior, and they have a limited or flat range of emotions.)

• Paraphilia (the experience of intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, fantasies, behaviors, or individuals.)

• Zoophilia (Zoophilia is a paraphilia involving a sexual fixation on non-human animals. "An online survey which recruited participants over the internet concluded that prior to the arrival of widespread computer networking, most zoophiles would not have known other zoophiles, and for the most part, zoophiles engaged in bestiality secretly, or told only trusted friends, family or partners." 3.3 million active users since the 1990's when the internet became widely used and served an anonymous platform for zoophiliacs)

• Narcolepsy ( Danneman and Kelso searched for a link between latitude and the prevalence of a Neanderthal form of a gene (ASB1) which plays a role in determining whether you are an ‘evening person’, and is associated with the need for daytime napping as well as being tied to narcolepsy.)

• Depression

• Skin lesions

• Blood clots

• Prostate Cancer

• Wider Waistlines

• Autoimmune diseases

• Dermatitis

• Graves' Disease

• Rheumatoid Arthritis,

• Noncancerous skin growths associated with dysfunctional keratinocyte biology (ref:

• 👑 Coronavirus-susceptibility

• Missing of Gene sequences for OR7D4: a receptor on human smell cells that allows people to detect androstenone, a smell produced by pigs and found in boar meat.

• Ref:

• Nocturnalism — "They found Neanderthal variants that boost the odds that a person smokes, is an evening person rather than a morning person, and is prone to sunburn and depression."

• Heriteditary Deafness

# GENETIC MUTATIONS: (The Mark of Cain)

• TWIST1 GENE: Cranial Dysplasia & intersex genitals, Acromegaly, horn growth (horns).

• TWIST1 GENE mutation: Cutaneous Horn

• Polymorphisms of MAMLD1 gene.

• FGFR2 Gene mutation: Pfeiffer Syndrome
• ⁣

• Chromosome 9 Ring mutation, results of a mismatched zipper that cannot close, resulting in Cranial-dysplasia, CLEFT PALATE
• ⁣

• Cohen Modal Haplotype (Y-Chromosome Aaron): Hypospadias (6 Genders of the Talmud, 4 Genders of the Koran).
• ⁣

• Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) (Cohen Modal Haplotype)

• PRRX1 Gene mutation: Otocephaly, Microcephaly, Cyclopia
• ⁣

• LMNA Gene mutation: Hutchison Gilford Progeria Syndrome & Hallermann Streiff Syndrome.
• ⁣

• FGD1 Gene mutation: Aarskog-Scott syndrome (Cranial Dysplasia)

• IRF6 Gene mutation: Cleft Palate & Cranial Dysplasia

• ⁣

• Hermaphroditism (Intersex)
• ⁣

• ⁣ (German WW2 infiltration by Intersex Hybrid Species)

• Trisomy21 Chromosome Mutation
• Simian Crease (Etymology: "Simian"; Greek - Ape/Snub-nosed)
• ⁣
• ⁣

• Harlequin Syndrome

• ⁣


# 6 Genders of the Talmud + ⁣# 4 Genders of the Quran

• ⁣
• ⁣⁣Mishnah Bikkurim 4:1
• ⁣Mishnah Bikkurim 4:2
• ⁣Mishnah Bikkurim 4:3
• ⁣Mishnah Yevamot 8:4
• ⁣Mishnah Yevamot 8:5
• Mishnah Yevamot 8:6

• ⁣


• ⁣(Ay'lonit: literally "little ram"; a female who has not shown physical signs of typical sexual maturity by the age of 20 (some say 18); presumed infertile; often possessing masculine characteristics. 80 references in Mishna and Talmud; 40 in classical midrash and Jewish law codes.)

• Bar-Mitzvah (Ish: a man/eligible husband; one whose fertility is not in question and has shown some secondary sex characteristics by around age 13.) ( ( (The Cohen Gene)


# Genomics and Biopiracy:

⁣Decoding Iceland is a story about human genetics, fear, economics and bio-piracy. (THE GREATEST HEIST OF ALL HUMAN HISTORY, THEFT OF THE ADAMIC Y-CHROMOSOMES by deCODE/Amgen)

⁣World Government Summit 2018 - Global A.I. Governance Forum Highlights
(Living Neanderthals Attempting to Steal Human DNA to become human: Beasts by definition)

Irv Rubin (JDL Jewish Defense League: Neanderthal Hybrid with Craniosonstosis and Psychosis)
• ⁣
• Investigated by the FBI for involvement in 911.
• Guilty for building bombs sent to Ernst Zündel's home.
• Placed $25,000 bounty on David Cole for Holocaust Revisionism.
• Committed suicide in prison.



Present this information to any Alt-Right superstar, including Dan the Oracle, Christ is King, Brandon Martinez, The Fascifist, and many others, you will be immediately banned from their telegrams, and video platforms. Without proper DNA testing and a public database, race means nothing.

# Tips:
* Do your own scientific research

• ⁣

Hermaphrodite/Cleft Palate Epidemic in the Middle East, South China, Africa, South America, Current-Day Europe (Not Original Europeans). FGM (Female Gentical Mutilation) 200,000, enlarged clitorises surgically removed to hide ⁣hermaphroditic syndrome.
(Hollywood symbolism: "FGM")

⁣The anatomy of the human body: by Cheselden, William, 1688-1752


Adam-Chromosome (Psi - Breath, Soul)
𐌙 Ψ ⚜ 🔱 🧬

卐 Génos, Logos, Ontos, Etymos:⁣

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twistedjoker 1 month ago

This guy looks like a pin head from the side show or the movie freaks he looks like Zippy the pinhead.

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Robert Parks
Robert Parks 7 months ago

Fucking faggot

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The Gold Pill
The Gold Pill 6 months ago

If you are a dirty neanderthalensis hybrid, you might want to consider begging me for help. I'm going to be the only human that will be able to offer you protection.

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The Gold Pill
The Gold Pill 6 months ago

Looks like we've found ourselves an infestation of neanderthals pretending to be humans, then jews, then nazis.

There you have it, folks. Their hot button. Neanderthals have a trigger mechanism they can't control. Just like Irv Rubin.

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Lawi 9 months ago

This is called Cainoid (Jew) and Negroid Genetics.

   7    0
Fryer 9 months ago

This is an inbred defect, mostly found among the sand niggers, rag heads, muslims. Mizzie men will marry his own daughter and will produce a mutated inbred... they keep it in the family. There is a muslin brother and sister from same parents, he raped his sister when she was like 10 or 11 years old, got pregnant same day, they from rural India with 3 of these little fuckers plus they walk on all four limps just like an animal.... cannot speak they sound and look just like this fucking inbred

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The Gold Pill
The Gold Pill 9 months ago


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The Gold Pill
The Gold Pill 9 months ago


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The Gold Pill
The Gold Pill 9 months ago

I want to make this blatant for the rest of the followers on this video.


Neanderthal hybrids are inside all human races, all cultures, all families. Yet, Arabia (meaning mixed) do have more than others. Even Africans have a much more ancient neanderthal connection, but the percentages are much lower.

Inbreeding is not the cause, most humans have inbred at some point. If inbreeding was the cause, then we all would be retarded and deformed. There is an excellent stock of original Europeans who have pure genetics, and are 100% healthy, without inbreeding mutations. The issue came from INTERBREEDING, NOT INBREEDING. Two distinct terms.

If you come trolling around my channel like a disgruntled Neanderthal, I will ban you immediately.

Racism is the angry Neanderthal's favorite game. The race-game is not going to get any humans anywhere, particularly since Neanderthals hide among ALL HUMAN RACES. If you come on here, race blaming another human subspecies, you are making yourself look like an angry neanderthal hybrid.

Here is my disclaimer:
Not all neanderthal hybrids are evil. So, this is not a neanderthal hybrid bash fest either. This is a scientific, medical, genealogical issue the world is going to have to come to terms with, face the truth, and peacefully find a solution.


Don't be like Irv Rubin. (he ALSO said he was "white", and hated Africans and Arabs too)

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30WD 9 months ago (edited)

Irv Rubin is a jew. jews masquerade as Whites and hate all other breeds. you are either not woke to this, or have another motive here. It's suspect that you don't ban this "Fryer" user for claiming it's muslims, but when it's the jews who are usual, hate and bigotry are raised and someone needs to be censored....seems very suspect.

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The Gold Pill
The Gold Pill 9 months ago

Being Jewish is not the same thing as being a Judahite (Jew).

Read here:

Compare the two.

They are not the same species. One is a species hybrid. The other is human — the Arian (Orion) species

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Robert Parks
Robert Parks 7 months ago

@The Gold Pill: Gold Pill is a dirty fucking jew!!

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The Gold Pill
The Gold Pill 7 months ago

@General J.D. Ripper: Hello neanderkikes.

Meet King David, the Judahite.

Attention to all who view my channel.

Take a moment to learn the difference between the Iewish, and the Iewes (Judahites)

Real Judahites:

The attacks that I get here on my channel are evidence that the entire ant-Iewish hate-mongers, are actually Iewish.

Ish: a man/eligible husband; one whose fertility is not in question and has shown some secondary sex characteristics by around age 13.

Ask yourself, anyone who is a legitimate protestant would be very appreciative about exposing the alt-right trolls.

Just take a look at their comments.

But, what do you expect from "Fablers" (animals that speak).

There just is no point in trying to talk or reason with animals with hands that talk.

Just look at how pathetic and easy to trigger they are. They are angry over this neanderthal-anthropoid-hybrid video. BECAUSE IT'S THE TRUTH.
"1. A usually short narrative making an edifying or cautionary point and often employing as characters animals that speak and act like humans."

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The Gold Pill
The Gold Pill 6 months ago


Congratulations. The first black dude on WTV. Or, are you actually.

Yes, the beast has mixed within all taxonomies of the human species. But not all humans have the beast in their genomes. Humans share a bond, of the same number of chromosomes. Just not the neanderthal.

Kinde after Kinde. The one thing the Neanderthal hybrids hate the most is the fact that they are NOMADS. They belong to no nation, no continent, no land, unlike Man-KIND. The creator made Man and Woman to be natural-born nationalists. The creator is THE MASTER OF DIVERSITY.

Shall anyone doubt the creator's artistry, step outside, look up at the stars. The cosmos are diversity raining down into our eyes, every single day, and every single night.

There are neanderthal hybrids who also agree with this. And I am their protector, and the spokesman for humanity, and diversity. And the Orion race, is the saviors of this fallen world. HEIL 𐌙AH!!!!!!

Genetic Mutations of Neanderthalensis Anthropoid Hybridization:
Chromosome 9 Ring Mutation
- Cleft Palate
- Cranial Facial Dysplasia
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH)
- Cohen Modal Haplotype
- Hypospadias
- COL11A1 Gene Mutation
- FGD1 Gene Mutation
- Aarskog-Scott Syndrome
- FGFR2 Gene Mutation
- IRF6 Gene Mutation
- Craniosnostosis
- Gynandromorphism in Hominids
- Pinched Ears
-LMNA Gene Mutation
- Hallermann Streiff Syndrome
- Hutchison Gilford Progeria Syndrome
- MAMLD1 Gene Polymorphisms
- PRRX1 Gene mutation
- Cyclopia
- Microcephaly
- Otocephaly
- TWIST1 Gene Mutation
- Cutaneous Horn
- Trisomy21
- Down Syndrome
- Simian Crease
- Pfeiffer Syndrome

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The Gold Pill
The Gold Pill 6 months ago

@The_realist_nigga1: Have you read Genesis? God is the master scientist and geneticist. That leaves morons like yourself in neander-conspiracy land.

Do you have a species complex? Or are some trailer park hominid that pretends to be african on the internet?

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The Gold Pill
The Gold Pill 6 months ago

@The_realist_nigga1: nice channel. looks like you are obsessed with gynandromorphic penis, mental illness, and fighting with yourself from different accounts.

Alll are results of neanderthalensis hybrids. I'm willing to bet you have craniosynostosis or cranial facial dysplasia.

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The Gold Pill
The Gold Pill 6 months ago

@The_realist_nigga1: my channel is not about penises, however, there is another penis mutation related to neanderthal hybrids. Hypospadias.

Possibly, you could be suffering from coprolalia, or coprographia.

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