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Necklacing: Torture lynching in South Africa

Published on 22 Oct 2020 / In Niggers

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Ascendaeus 12 days ago

Niggers are not the same as White people, as a matter of fact they're less intelligent & more prone to criminality than all other races.

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AmericanSuperVillain 21 days ago

Interesting fact time. The western media portrayed Nelson Mandela as a political prisoner, who was trying to peacefully obtain equality for South African blacks. This is a lie of the Jew media, he was arrested and imprisoned because he was caught with illegal explosives to make bombs with, and soviet RPGs, and the South African government would have released him if he would swear to refrain from violence. Mandela refused this offer.

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Goyimbirkenstein 1 month ago

Evil jews and idiots whites sitting around calmly justifying this barbarism.

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Think I've seen enough
Think I've seen enough 2 months ago

I hope he doesn't get pulled over with that round his neck,. There wasn't much tread on it

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dustyfemalecat 2 months ago

They should put a toy truck tire around the penis. Tires, gasoline and matches are white inventions. As a white I've gotten away with annoying other whites with autistic bahavior that would've gotten me necklaced if I was a nigger among niggers.

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