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Negro kills her landlord Chicago

Published on 06 Mar 2023 / In Niggers

Body parts in freezer

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Habsfan1616 22 days ago

That is what these niggers do best. Just look at Haiti. They killed all the whites.

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TinyCow 21 days ago

a large portion being kikes, but yes. although they were most certainly also responsible(the kike) for the massacre of their own; they dont seem to mind allowing their tribe to accumulate pockets of wealth(like a bunch of tech start ups the kikes get others to invest in), then using hostile take overs to consolidate their wealth even further.

kikes are pack parasites and work together against the white man, but not even their "loyalty/tribalism" stands a chance when there are shekels to be made. just ask soros lol.

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Hatbox 22 days ago

Her dun get hersef 'n a lot of trubble.

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