Negroid "the weekend" performs luciferian invocation ritual on stage at packed venue

Published on 08 Nov 2022 / In Satanic Music Industry

Dark days indeed. (in more ways than one)
Pun intended.

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TinyCow 4 months ago

niggers + kikes = this video

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_Freedom_ 4 months ago

I wish these people could choke on the devil's cock.

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questeritorte 4 months ago

It's the audience's fault for going to see them.

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Admin 4 months ago

Who the fuck is this raspy sounding nigger? He needs to go get a cough drop or something. Or better yet...I have some Zyklon-B he can have as an inhaler type of treatment method

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NewWorldCircus 4 months ago

Should sniped his nigger ass right there on the stage, along with his gay Luciferian cloaked fruit cakes.

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