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New PRISON CITY being built by the UK government !!

Published on 29 Jun 2021 / In Police State / J.W.O.

⁣The new PRISON CITY that the UK Government is building outside Wellingborough is being rushed to be completed by August/September.

It’s anticipated that the city will house “highly dangerous criminals” like free-speech-advocates, freedom-lovers, vaccine conspiracy theorists, and anti-maskers!

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ARYAN VIKING 2 months ago

If you look at Coleman Florida you will see that it is mostly just 6 huge prisons, all Federal. Most of the employees are Jewish and most of the prisoners are White.

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WhiteGrrl 2 months ago

Thanks! I'll look into it. I found out this prison city in Wellingborough is being built right next to a crematorium! What a "coincidence"...

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ARYAN VIKING 2 months ago

@RebelliousRose: The Federal Prisons of the United States are all built having cells linked by air vents that connect to poison gas tanks. This is little talked about but has always existed and been maintained. Each of these Federal Prison Complexes as they are called have a huge warehouse fully stocked with enough food to last 2-5 years. The crisis that had the poison gas tanks installed came about as a way to kill all prisoners at the same time in the event another country attacked America. Each Federal Prison Complex has also a large satellite floating in space above them which can be seen at night as a red glow in the sky. There are no real Jews in any prison because the Courts never sentence real Jews to prison for any crime. Police selectively imprison millions of Whites every decade from Courts that do not have to prove guilt. In Federal Prison black inmates are assigned to cook the food all prisoners eat at each prison but they do not have to eat the food they cook if they call themselves Muslim. Muslims receive special healthy wholesome food fresh delivered each day which only they can eat. Whites have nothing to eat except what blacks cook. Anybody who wants to eat Kosher food has to say he is converting as Jewish. In this way they can say there are Jews in prison when really there are none.

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mics972 3 months ago

Eye-Opening "Leaked" Memo via Neil Ferguson,
is truly dystopian and sets out the plan for July
( Permanent "Forced" Lockdown In The UK With Full Military Intervention ) !


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Freedom 3 months ago

Tribulation by 2025, if not sooner

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HereAmI 3 months ago

Sometimes these places have a habit of turning round and biting their builders.
I hope to live to see the day when the entire so called British government is incarcerated here, with no parole, and no remission, and a Common Law court deciding on which amongst them are deserving of the death penalty.

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Soldier1 3 months ago

That's what I think. People will revolt and kill staff.

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Spectralwulf 3 months ago

Call it what it truly is - a commie gulag! The machinery and structures should be sabotaged while they can to delay their timetable. They know people are going to flip out if there is another Fall lockdown and jab patrols start coming after vaxx resisters. People are getting absolutely sick of this tyrannical bullshit and will be compelled to resist as the government is preparing for the resistance. The police and soldiers must be persuaded to join the resistance to make these sinister globalist plans fail.

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WhiteGrrl 3 months ago

I totally agree there. They're coming for us very soon. We gotta make a move against them and fast!

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