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New York City Public Schools: Race Stats

Published on 09 Jul 2022 / In Kids

⁣New York City Public Schools:
In New York City Public Schools, African-American Children are:
10x more likely to be expelled than White students
5x more likely to be suspended than White students
5x more likely to be referred to Law Enforcement
4x less likely to be identified as gifted and talented
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time_traveler 3 months ago

this isn’t discrimination lol. this is their nature. niggers only know chaos and violence.

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Bouch 3 months ago

Well no shit, fucking monkeys

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RedLady 3 months ago

All true but not the result of so-called systemic racism.

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The only systemic racism in the United States is affirmative action. In acceptance into colleges it’s against white and asians. In the workplace it is against white males

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