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NIGGERS AND WOMAN Haitian migrants converge on Texas

Published on 18 Sep 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Thousands of Haitian migrants converge on Texas THIS IS WHAT THEY DO ⁣NAKED WOMAN TORTURED WITH HOT MACHETE

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Vector 27 days ago

Haitians and Somalis. The absolute two worst species of nigger invaders out there.

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I_hate__niggers 27 days ago

Voodoo niggers

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White 29 days ago (edited)

I don’t feel any emotion, I just hope she hasn’t reproduced and if she survived she can’t reproduce. No other animal is such a burden on the white race than these.

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Konigtiger1945 29 days ago

Another best gore special eh lol I bet the vid was longer than that. A bit of disembowelling and dismembering

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dustyfemalecat 29 days ago

Has no one ever been this pissed off at someone? She is probably being held responsible for all their poverty and inability to live like the white man.

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scm_bacont 29 days ago

If this is what they do to their own women...

Just think about what they're going to try to do to white women!!!

These fucking things need to be mowed down where they stand...

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AsianRacialist 29 days ago (edited)

I don't care what they do to their female counterparts and vice versa. It's not a problem at all. If they don't go near my people and try to mess with them then I'm fine. Either way, niggers in anyway, shape or form are terrorists and they all should be removed.

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Nemesis1 29 days ago

South african women are suffering at the hands of these beasts as we speak.

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scm_bacont 28 days ago


That's the worst part of it...

There are many white women already across the world being terrorized by these things...

Now, Americans will feel that soon enough...

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scm_bacont 28 days ago


100% right!

They're all terrorists, even terrorizing their own...

Need to be dealt with as such!!! Swiftly, without hesitation...

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