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Niggers causing trouble in school... One of them even jumps on the teacher.

Published on 20 Apr 2022 / In Niggers

You know the usual with these niggers...

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NewWorldCircus 5 months ago

That Cruella Devil laugh... Truth in plain sight with these niggers

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Vtreyus 9 months ago

I laughed seeing that nigger hop on the teachers back like a monkey.

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BasedAndAwake 9 months ago

school these apes with a whiteman's boot to their jaw. Listen to the nasty derisive laughter of these monkeys my whip arm is getting itchy.

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southern1861 9 months ago

It looks more like a ZOO than a school. They better cage up those monkeys

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happyapple4 10 months ago

Looks as if they get aroused when fighting each other. I feel sorry for that teacher as it is hard to teach Low IQ African humans anything from our culture. They will always be what they were born with.

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NewWorldCircus 5 months ago


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