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Niggers Going Apeshit In Shitcongo

Published on 21 Jun 2022 / In Niggers

⁣Viral video purportedly out of Chicago on Friday night shows a giant mob of black youths swarm an elderly white man’s car, climb onto his roof and start jumping and twerking on it to cheers.

This is the new normal in Chicago.

Every weekend giant mobs like this form and run wild in the streets.

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time_traveler 10 months ago

that old man could be your grandpa, your dad, your uncle, or your brother. surrounded by filth, scum, apes. they should all be eradicated off the face of the earth.

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happyapple4 12 months ago

Aperican, I agree. However,apes don't go apeshit unless caged and driven crazy. These former inmates of the sub-Saharan continent are abusing their adopted nation. Unfortunately, they will not respect you if you are kind and good to them. They will hate you as we can plainly see.

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Paulsmithatkins 12 months ago

Apes go ape shit

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HStheNS 12 months ago

i feel really sorry for that guy in the car

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HStheNS 12 months ago


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Spectralwulf 12 months ago

That old man can likely remember when Chicago was still a human city. Now he's surrounded by hostile, subhuman savages. The more shit like this happens, the quicker that humans will be forced to abandon the city to the orcs of the underworld. The orcs will soon find themselves in a hell of their own making. They have a love of chaos and suffering. Human civilization is too restrictive and unnatural a construct for them to feast with content. With terror running rampant, the devils will be free to possess the subhumans and compel them to wicked deeds.

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