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niggers moved in next door

Published on 05 Dec 2022 / In Niggers

niggers moved in next door

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Bacon666 1 month ago

call the poleese 911 we needs da poleese ok be there tomorrow

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2eelShmeal 1 month ago

Great. Run in my house so that the niggers chasing you can come here.

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george stachura
george stachura 2 months ago

the nigger species must be exterminated now.

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HolohoaxSurvivor 2 months ago

all those rounds, and only Deshawns afro got hit

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7Super7Woke7 2 months ago

Serious hardware , were talking ar pistols vs dracos that concussion and muzzle energy was something fierce going back and forth. I'm not ruling out small arms fire either but i'm hearing rifle rounds for sure in this clip.

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