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Niggers showing off and bragging about their looting... They are very impressed with themselves.

Published on 15 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized


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Goyimbirkenstein 2 months ago

They only know how to consume. They produce nothing.

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lunapatch123 2 months ago

doesnt get much more nigger than this

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they probably die of food poisoning cause they cant eat it within a month

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Freedom 3 months ago

A fool only lives for today.......what about when they have to get more food from the grocery store that is now destroyed. Just wait till they start rioting and dying from shortages. Thats when they start dying trying to invade white neighborhoods.

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Deemax 3 months ago (edited)

All attempts to surround these primitive, subhumanic creatures with civilization, education, affirmative action, egalitarian programs, and welfare assistance have failed on a world wide scale. Expecting humanity from niggers is akin to expecting humanity from some undomesticated wild animal. They are what they are, and there's no escaping the fact we're dealing with an unevolved non-human savage.

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NewWorldCircus 3 months ago

This post should 50 likes.

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Spectralwulf 3 months ago

@Deemax: Those "failed" programs were never meant to be a success for whites. They are a success for those dragging western civ down into the mud of cultural disintegration.

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dustyfemalecat 3 months ago

If you ever see a black person play Sims where they create black Sims characters they just take a character with a white person's skull and nose shape and give it brown skin. They have no awareness of how their faces look different from whites like in that picture. It would be droll if the other niggers rob these niggers after seeing their loot video so a lot of back and forth stealing results and destruction of all that was stolen from rough handling so no benefit results at all from what was originally stolen

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