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No apologies from the Rizoli's

Published on 18 Jun 2021 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

We don't apologize for the things WE believe!

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pastprovespresent 2 months ago

Blacks are united? Hahaha! That's why the Carribeans, the Africans and the American blacks live in three different neighborhoods. Looking at FBI crime stats, it seems they have a much more difficult time agreeing than any other group.

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Nemesis 3 months ago (edited)

Proverbs 14:6. You focus on the differences yet ignore the truth that binds. You are wrong, those with truth within them see that knowledge of heritage is key and most important who our Father is . I see no disagreement in this truth . You mock , your thumbnail is childish, you both are very haughty yet you are devoid of truth because it isnt in you . You scorn " Jesus is not a jew , we get it "!!! . Those who say Jesus IS a jew , you ignore !! Just as adamant are they that deny we will rejoice that JESUS IS NOT A JEW . Get used to it , you will hear it often. I'm surprised a little that more havent picked up on your tone , but then those without knowledge shout the loudest and our people have always followed those that bark and boast among men. If only they knew that Yahweh is the only Leader we need. All will be held accountable for their doings.

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yardfowl 3 months ago

Amen, well spoken. Praise Yahweh!

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KMB 3 months ago

I Agree Keep Up The Good Work

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GottMitUns 3 months ago

I do agree that you should NOT apologize for what you believe. Now I know you have stated yourself what Identity people believe in. That they believe in this and that BUT tbh what is your beliefs that you are not apologizing for? Correct me if I am wrong but you have had a go at identity without really giving your own beliefs to be put forward. Just saying.

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BrianGrossman 3 months ago

Agreed. I have a very rational way of thinking and I care about truth. Jim is very clear that he does not believe Jesus is God. Jim has not told us what race he believes Christ to be. Or if his views have changed since flirting with CI.

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Freedom 3 months ago (edited)

1) Charles is immature and hard to deal with which affects his personality. He then allows it to get personal and bleed over into issues. I have basically told Charles the same thing. 2) No one will ever agree 100% and thats where maturity comes into to play on getting along with others and hearing other view points. We are all at different points in our paths in search for truth. 3) The JWO works hard to confuse, hide truth, and divide Christians. They are very successful.

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