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No Jab no Jesus? Can't follow Christ unless you wear a mask & get Vax claims Liberal Church pastor

Published on 15 Sep 2021 / In Bible / Sermons
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exposethejeugenda 24 days ago

homosexual debauched devil will have a very hot portion in hell

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TeeTee 27 days ago

Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ. - 1 Cor 11:1

Who, in God's name, is this man following? The apostle Paul was raised up for a special ministry by the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 9). The apostle Paul preached strongly against sexual immorality and the secular leftist evil that this false prophet preaches!

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FuriousGeorge 1 month ago

ShitBag, no wonder the local churches are empty .

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Covenantremnant 1 month ago

Jesus would be telling us to sell our robes and buy swords. Die for the truth not by a shot.

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nonstopwarfare 1 month ago

He's going to be in so much trouble when the master of the house cometh

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Ulsterrich 22 days ago


James 3:1
My brothers and sisters, not many of you should be teachers. I say this because, as you know, we who teach will be judged more strictly than others.

There going to get what coming to them 👍

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