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no jews died on 9/11

Published on 22 Nov 2021 / In 911

no jews died on 9/11
bought an electric razor thus was a 1/2 hour late

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apekillerXXX 8 days ago

All those fake ass jews received electronic messages , telling them to not show up for work at those twin towers. 911 was a mossad - cia - financed and orchestrated terrorist attack on the the U.S. There is no such thing as a good so called jew ! They are embodied demonic entities ; every last f....g one of them ! They are liars - thieves - rapists - child molestors - sodomites - cannibals and mass murderers of White's .

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LeniRiefenstahl 10 days ago

Let us pray that the kike get booted out of America! AIPAC should have been declared a foreign entity in 1967! And you owe America an apology for US Liberty. But just like Dresden I wont hold my breath!

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