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No More Brother Wars Poem(Enough is Enough)

Published on 27 Feb 2021 / In Wholesome / Feel Good
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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 5 months ago

"No More Brother Wars"

i agree with this statement,

however at this time it is critical to point out:

cops are not our brothers.

anyone that attacks me - is not my brother.

the badged work for the jews who created WWII.

2 proofs:

Bernhard Goetz 1984 was never protected by cops,
and was attacked many times by disparity of force niggers.
finally Goetz righteously killed niggers attacking him.
and then cops and the system attacked Goetz.

Goetz did not know. i do know. Goetz should have killed cops.

Gordon Kahl did not hunt cops; cops hunted him;
fed cops attacked him,
Gordon killed 2 fed cops,
later more cops attacked him,
Gordon killed 1 more cop and was killed by them.

in jewish egyptian (djew) babylonian satanic osiris ritual,
they chopped off his feet, hands, and head.

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Nemesis 5 months ago

Very sad poem ,.

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RobertCoxswain 5 months ago

There will have to be an internal war on behalf of the souls of all mankind, as there is no mopre glorious a cause.

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RobertCoxswain 5 months ago

The war is truth verses lies, not blood verses blood. Of course there will be some conflict, keep it as minimal as possible.

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