No One Seemed To Notice...

Published on 12 Sep 2021 / In Satanism / Occult

The Satanic Ceremony In Plain Sight.....CERN.

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Whitmann 11 months ago

The quality of videos posted in this channel is commendable. Wow, currently, the evil celebrations displayed are bloody overt. On your face .kind of stuff...

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WitChKinG 11 months ago

this really reminded me of some of the pagan rituals in sweden, switzerland and other nordic countries. midsommer comes to mind. the dancing took me back to suspiria. its performance art, but witches would call it a ceremony. thoroughly bizarre. but not completely out of control.

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Wicked01 11 months ago

They keep it busy with many distractions...still showing it in plain sight as intended but not obvious enough to many not knowing where to look...

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