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Published on 09 May 2022 / In Film & Animation

⁣A fascinating and in-depth conversation with MD and
holistic practitioner Dr. Tom Cowan on how viruses have never been
isolated, infection does not occur by way of germ transmission and
travel, and how the body's intelligent healing practices of cleansing in
face of toxin attack or chronic toxin burden are miscast as disease,
while in reality the body's stores of cellular water work as radios
pulling in energetic inputs of every kind from the outside and help
radiate health, as well as physiological events like menstruation, or
illness. We are energetic beings, is the takeaway, who take in energy
and radiate energy all the time—the nature of what we take in and what
we radiate defines how sick or well we are.

An added delight to this conversation is Dr. Cowan's candid teardown
of Science as unreliable and rife with theories and suppositions,
unproved, which the science and medical establishment—from inside the
pharmaceutical industry—presents to us as known fact (such as the entire
science of Virology which tells us viruses exist, yet cannot present a
purified isolate of this yet-imaginary entity for any so-called virally
transmitted disease) when in actuality much fraud attends their
projected certainties and much-propagandized “consensus” of arbitrary

“Science” as we have it today in fact—what many of us now recognize
is politicized science skewed by Big Harma—offers a vision of reality
exactly opposite to what we experience viscerally as Being, notes Dr.
Cowan, and the received concepts of science which populate Biology
textbooks are not in fact concrete realities but confabulations and
fabrications which fall apart under close scrutiny.

Especially astonishing is the fact that the minutae of cells which
most students of Biology take for granted, such as ribosomes and
synapses have not really been proven to exist, he says; what passes for
electron micrographs of such turn out to be artifacts of a certain sort
to which are being attributed all manner of qualities and labels.

In actuality, much is theory, supposition or superstition; the
methodologies of scientists in incising body tissue, macerating it to
bits with random chemicals, dyes, preservatives, and then irradiating it
with electron beams are not conducive to clear and comprehensive
witness under a lens: what is seen does not comport with what is
theorized and CGI'd into being on websites and in textbooks.

Synapses have never been seen when nerves are cut open, he says, and
what are being called ribosomes in electron micrographs have been
posited to be gas bubbles by Harold Hillman, an electron microscopist,
which is just one example of how what is being passed off as something
is not necessarily that something, nor is there definitive proof of
this—all of this going back to the very questionable
maceration-methodology of “isolation” --whether virus or ribosome—which
scientists practice.

The question of how intelligent scientists and physicians could have fallen for this

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