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Noah's flood destroyed India! Did God leave them?

Published on 01 Sep 2021 / In News & Politics

Noah's flood destroyed India! Did God leave them?

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Lawi 1 month ago

The flood during the time of Noah had absolute nothing to do with India or the Negro genetics that occupy that region.

Within the King James Bible it says that the rain was upon the earth and the waters increased greatly upon the earth and all flesh died that moved upon the earth. Lets take a peek back to Genesis 4:14, when Yahweh has driven Cain away in punishment for his murder of Abel, the King James Bible quotes Cain as saying, “Behold, Thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth.” Cain was not driven from the face of the earth, only the translators said that Cain was driven from the face of the earth.

This is getting exciting, lets now visit Genesis 7, where it says the flood covered the earth, the Hebrew word used in the original writing by Moses was eh-rats, meaning the land. The flood covered a specific region of land; wonder who lived there? Notice that it specifies, “ Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail; and the mountains were covered.” The sacred cubit of 25 inches, therefore, the waters rose above the tops of the mountains by 31 feet 3 inches accordingly. Now, you have the waters covering Mount Everest, which is nearly "six miles high". That means, all the earth would be covered by water six miles deep; where did the water run off to when the flood subsided? Again, you relied on translators (English) who took the Hebrew word eh-rets, which means “that land” and mistranslated it to mean the "whole world".

Now, in your Judaeo-Christian world the whole earth was made desolate, however history did not cease to exist for the Babylonians, Egyptians or Chinese. The Bible gives the date of the flood as commencing in 2345 B.C. and ending in 2344 B.C. "Noah and his family journeyed after the flood, the city of Ur of the Chaldees which was the leading city from about 2400 B.C. until about 2285 B.C. Its history is not broken by any flood in this period. Farther to the north, Babylon was rising to power from about 2400 B.C. on and reached a great height of civilization under the famous King Hammurabi, who lived at the same time as the Hebrew patriarch Abraham, about 2250 B.C.. There is no break in this history due to a flood. In Egypt, the eleventh dynasty began to reign about 2375 B.C. over a great and powerful nation. The eleventh dynasty ruled to about 2212 B.C., and was followed by the twelfth dynasty, which ruled to about 2000 B.C.. There was no break in the eleventh dynasty at the time of Noah’s flood, 2345 B.C.. The nation continued to be large and powerful throughout this period.

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HereAmI 6 days ago

You are a deceiver, masquerading as a Christian.
It is a criminal act to add to scripture, as you are doing.

This is apparent from your OWN WORDS.
First you say that eretz means "the land", and then you say - because it suits your agenda to deceive - that it means "that land."
We can know that it means the former and not the latter, because scripture states that the waters covered the earth under the whole heaven - NOT just a part of the earth.

NOWHERE in scripture is Mt Everest mentioned - the clear evidence of marine organisms to be found on its summit indicates that it was in recent times below sea level, so your subsequent deceptions about "where did all the water go" are clearly just that - deceptions.

Next you go on to quote from secular history which states that various civilizations began to appear from 2400 BC - this suggests that they did so because this was for all of them the first date at which populations post-Flood had recovered sufficiently to enable them to do that.

Other evidence from geological studies suggests that there was certainly a worldwide inundation beneath which remnants of civilization have been detected from Mesopotamia via the Dead Sea to Ireland and North America, and this occurred in 3298 BC, some 900 years earlier than the dates you give for the earliest civilizations.

So how has this confusion of dates arisen?
From the usual place; ie the rabbis, whose "Masoretic Text" upon which the king James translators relied to produce their dates, and which Bishop Ussher relied upon to set the date of Creation at 4004 BC.
This date needs to be revised to the true date, ie 5554 BC.
All this was done by the rabbis so as to explain the collapse of the Bar Kochba rebellion in 135 AD, which they had previously touted as being the return of the jewish messiah, and when it did not succeed, they had to interfere with the scriptural dates so as to predict the actual coming of their messiah to a later date.
And clearly, of course, if Bar Kochba was not the promised Messiah, then even less so, Christ.

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