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Norwegian cockroach royal family

Published on 19 Jun 2022 / In Interesting

⁣European Royals are ALL from Edom/Esau

Not one of the Royal Houses in Europe is from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, probably nor from the tribe of Judah. There was a coup d’état, and Edomites and khazars took the power, by killings, lies and deceptions. «You shall know them by their fruits», like Herod was an Edomite..

They have roots to the Jews in the time of Jesus. Caiphas, Barrabas, Herod. Jude. The Edomites. Sons of Esau. Those who God hates. Because they are barbarians. Will never be better.

The COMMANDMENT for the realIsraelites was not to be Masters and Rulers of the World. They should be example Nations of the World, AND bring the Gospel to the World…. Jesus people are Servants, suffering Servants, not evil rulers like Herod, Caeser or the royals of Edom today.. (Herod was an Edomite).

Israelites = White Christians
Jews = Edomites, Kenites, Khazars (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9)

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wiking 6 days ago

All Royals are bastard, they all took the jab ey? They all let the brown/blacks mass invade our countries, they just sit back, do nothing but enable our destruction... They sure have shown their true colors...

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WhiteNight 7 days ago

a demonic cockroach "family" just like any other in Europe living on our money and power

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