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Norwegian killer Breivik gives Nazi salute at parole hearing

Darcy John Bouchard
Published on 22 Sep 2022 / In Uncategorized

⁣2083: A European Declaration of Independence
Below link connects to Odysee audiobook (81 downloadable audio files)$/playlist/....6e532d02470606c6e475

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BasedAndAwake 11 days ago

Sieg Heil! Down with the fluoride poisoners.

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Dan1987 13 days ago (edited)

If he was a true national socialist he would not have received any attention in the media at all. To me this smells like propaganda and depopularization of nationalism, he is their player.
I have the impression that Adolf Hitler would immediately put this clown in prison.

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Darcy John Bouchard
Darcy John Bouchard 13 days ago

Why can't people do the research before coming to conclusions. I doubt you've neither read the manifesto nor listened to all 81 videos. I went to great efforts downloading all 81 videos so that I could share with others... but there are those few who'd rather nitpick at loose threads.

Again! What have you done for our race, eh! Naught but beak off.

I'm sorry for being crass... but its really annoying having to waste my time responding to comments such as this, whence if they whom post wouldst but have read all the comments before posting their opinion, then y'all wouldst see that your doubts have already been dealt with.


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FREEMRBOND1488 12 days ago

@Darcy John Bouchard: what do you think about him being a freemason?

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Dan1987 12 days ago

@Darcy John Bouchard:
(((✡️)))? 🙂

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Darcy John Bouchard
Darcy John Bouchard 12 days ago

@FREEMRBOND1488: He claimed to a Freemason and a Templar... but, in this, he's merely being a little boy and playing imaginary soldier. Notwithstanding, this may be because he put so much of himself into his project that it gave him tunnel vision...

He's still a lot younger than me... but I remember that maturity evolves, rooted in our errors in judgment and mistakes. Personally, I don't see him as his uniforms... just look into the man's eyes and see his expression.

Moreover, we have Hess for an example... and Ted Kaczynski... and Timothy McVeigh... and David Eden Lane; they all hadst exaggerated egos albeit they are role models we shouldst all mimick. Anyhow, I'm still studying his manifesto and will be for awhile. I have to listen to his audio files several times before beginning to comprehend enough to formulate an educated opinion. For example, I read the story of French convict Henri Charrière (Charlie Hunnam), nicknamed Papillon ("butterfly"),over 40 times since childhood and I've watched certain moves dozens of times.

So... this is my opinion: "I do not know!"

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Sieg Heil
Sieg Heil 14 days ago

breivik never was a national socialist. he is a zionist jew lover with ties to freemasonry. a complete weirdo.

here is a quote of his "manifesto":
"Let us fight together with our Zionist Israeli brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all Marxists and the multicultists."

take a look at this very insightful article in german language about him. use a translator if needed. -,_Anders_Behr

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TinyCow 13 days ago

yes this is true. most people go with the news story about an evil white supremacist NAZI but the truth is that he wasnt against the kikes.

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Darcy John Bouchard
Darcy John Bouchard 14 days ago


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Darcy John Bouchard
Darcy John Bouchard 14 days ago (edited)

Wikipedia is good only for simple facts, like names and places and/or events.

Do not trust it for honest politick anymore than Facebook or YouTube, which not only censor truth but defame it; hence, our White heritage is being supplanted by the coons--the Jew lapdog...

Remember (German: große Lüge): They try continually to pin the "If you tell a lie long enough, everyone will believe it" comment on both Hitler and Goebbels, but Lenin said it first: A lie told often enough becomes the truth. The quote, though, is older than this, and is common knowledge to virtually every elite. Here is a quote from the book The Crown of Life written in 1869:
‘If a lie is only printed often enough, it becomes a quasi-truth, and if such a truth is repeated often enough, it becomes an article of belief, a dogma, and men will die for it.’

Further--and more importantly--we have the man's actions and his manly behaviour to admire... and not dwell upon whether-or-not that one sentence is enough to condemn his entire manifesto to the bonfires of vanity. Whom of us hath taken direct action, eh!? the Silent Brotherhood... Timothy McVeigh... but not us opinionated ideologists.

Please, just listen. The young lady who narrated the compodium invested a lot of her lifetime into fully documenting this treasure for us... which is almost impossible to find otherwise!

Note: There is an archived text... but the PDF text reader stumbles and stalls and it is unlistenable to that way, eh!


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