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Nos - Book of Resurrection by Miguel Serrano (1980)

Published on 13 Oct 2021 / In Audiobooks

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⁣The Hyperborean Initiation of A-Mor & the Black Sun Nos: Book of the Resurrection (translated, from the Spanish Nos: Libro de la Resurrecci, in collaboration with the author by Gela Jacobson) is a book by Miguel Serrano. The author states in the introduction: "it is neither a poem, nor a novel, nor a philosophical essay, although it contains a little of each of these." it Lucifer is defined as he "whom others have called" Apollo, Abraxas, Siva, and Quetzalcoatl, also Odin-Wotan (and to the Cathars, Luci-Bel).

"He came down from the Morning Star, Venus." As leader of the losing side of a stellar battle, he descended to the North Pole where he founded Ultima Thule, the capital of Hyperborea. The Grail is identified as having been a jewel which fell from his crown (broken by the sword of the enemy during his battle in the heavens). "He is the God of the Defeated Ones in the Kaliyuga" and "the supreme Guide of the Pilgrims of the Dawn" who will be the victor "when the Golden Age returns.

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milhouse 9 days ago

YAY! Hitler is Kalki the tenth incarnation of lord vishnu is successful in eliminating the jews and restoring a golden age on earth. Upload "Hitler is the ultimate avatar" by Serrano this book started a cult in California in the 1970's also know as "Esoteric Hitlerism"

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