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NS German Kids' Books That Told the Truth, Sept 13, 2021

Published on 13 Sep 2021 / In Jewish Question

About the Jews and their actions

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SerIntegral 1 day ago

Hollywood brainwashed American kids to hate Germany,Japan and Italy.

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pater409 12 days ago

The filthy, stinking JEW was identified as a molester and abuser of children in the 1930s and this is still true almost a century later. The palm-rubbing, degenerate, fudge-packing JEW never changes and never learns, and still believes he can play the victim card. The gutless JEW coward is and always has been morally bankrupt, and this is why he is and always will be universally despised.

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SaxonWarrior 13 days ago

Not one thing written in these books didn't have MANY actual historical events that had actually happened to European people!! Why do you think these demons were kicked out of so many lands?! They are in reality DEMONS IN SHOE LEATHER!!

Edomite Expulsion from 87 Locations Over 350 Times!! Learn the truth and why they have repeatedly been kicked out!!

Look how easily je ws discuss usurping nations and causing great harm to W hite people!! This is just ONE example!! They've been doing this and much worse to EVERY Wh ite nation!!
J e ws Discussing How To Infiltrate & Destroy Poland & Have Germans/Poles Pay For It!!

Playlist of 25 in depth HONEST documentaries created by various individuals questioning the official narrative of the "Holocaust!!

Albert Friedrich Huber - What The Je ws Did To The Germans!! These are the reasons people hate je ws!!

We Defeated The Wrong Enemy!! 

Other Losses!! A Documentary About Allied War Crimes/Genocide Of The German People After The War!!

The Holohoax Unveiled!!

Eisenhower's(the j e w) American Death Camps On The Rhine

White Genocide 2018 Documentary!!

The Holocaust Debunked Once And For All!!

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