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Nurnburg : now and THEN

Published on 17 Sep 2022 / In Uncategorized

⁣"Nurnburg Now & Then"

The Reichsparteitage of
Adolf Hitler

Imagine being a German on a business trip to Nuremberg, while taking a walk from the hotel you wander through "Luitpoldhain" a 'park' where dogs shit, & fags meet. You as a member of globohomo's wretched modernity are not aware that this unassuming 'park' was the 1st structure built in Nuremburg by NatSoc architect Albert Speer. The Fuhrer let Speer loose & He created "Luitpoldhainarena", An arena that would seat 150,000 fellow Germans, and would serve to immortalize National Socialism in grand stills & moving picture. Some of the most awe inspiring shots of National Socialist history were shot on these grounds while Germany freed itself from jewish slavery. Your Peoples stood united ,bonded, undeterred & fully ERWACHE here. Yet to you its just a park to walk off the stress's of the business day (jewish debt slavery). How long shall our people remain imprisoned by the same dark force that was broken for those 12 years?

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