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nurse likes to jab peepo

Published on 16 Aug 2022 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

she gives it out but she don't take it, uhuh

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ytrebiLeurT 20 days ago

So I guess she's a sneaky killer. Never go to doctors who are Jews or Negroes...

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WhiteMiasma 3 months ago

I know many people that work at hospitals that, aside from work, have nothing to do with anything medical. They don't have the cancer treatments (which are a scam. many of them are well today), they give birth at home, and for years and years BEFORE covid-lieteen were forced to wear a mask around ALL patients due to them NEVER TAKING ANY V666ines!

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ytrebiLeurT 4 months ago

Strange that people voluntarily identify themselves as perpetrators for the international court of justice...

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NewWorldCircus 22 days ago

Not the most intelligent thing to do.

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JesusWalkz 4 months ago

Shlomo to sheep for liability control: "I left the right wing nazis on the internet long enough for you to learn the truth...it's your fault"

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Spectralwulf 4 months ago

So these are the kind of useful idiots they are hiring to distribute the poison? I guess if big pharma's jabbers are low-IQ minorities, they will never be held accountable. Though this boon was smart enough to avoid the jab for herself, she clearly gives no fucks for the many lives she is upending and slaughtering - as long as it pays.

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chopchip2023 4 months ago

she says she likes to sit there and laugh at people she injects ALL DAY with something she knows that she would never allow herself to be injected with.

this is basically a confession to mass murder

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