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NY Invokes 911 Raising Covid Alert to 'High' - 5/17/22 ..Kabala Numerology

Published on 20 May 2022 / In 911

⁣They just did that invoking 911 ramping kovid psyop back up 5-17-22 ..⁣New York the 911 city. Take note they do not use their numerology without a kabbalah purpose as-above-so-below...

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DeathToJWO 1 month ago

Seriously how do people not see right through this shit, they are literally mocking us FFS...

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jimmyhugo 1 month ago


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Lawi 1 month ago

New York means Cainoid (Jew)
Big Tech, Big Pharma, Federal Reserve, Agenda 21
Bolsheviks (see Ukraine Holodomor)
Edomites (Pharisees, Sadducee)
Kenites > Kain
Agenda 21 means Genocide of the Caucasians and elimination of their First World by 2030, see Free Trade
Free Trade means passing no laws that protect the People or the Environment, see East Germany 1945 - 1990

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TSOSWBEX77 1 month ago

Those fake ass jews are the real virus and boogeymen !!

They need to get multiple jabs ; if it's good for whitey it's good for the devil !!!!

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Lawi 1 month ago

Hey Brother, I saw your reply to me on "White Power", that account banned me for pointing out that he was promoting a Cainoid (Jew) and infiltrator into Christian Identity.

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DaleHess1967 1 month ago

I thought they all took the jabs?
I guess the mRNA shot was ineffective against the Boogieman.

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