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Officials in Australia are effectivly killing babies in the name of COVID. (Video)

Published on 25 Aug 2021 / In Uncategorized

This is madness and evil! 😡😭

Yet the foolish sheeple cheering on sodomy, mandatory jabbo, abortion, communism, etc. 😒


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ytrebiLeurT 2 months ago

Murder by omission results in the death penalty ...

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Sibbeloth 2 months ago

I long for the day when the entire world hates the jews. Not because the zionist prophecy requires it for the enslavement of humanity but for the simple fact then and only then will be all be able to have a conversation which includes the jews without fear of retribution from the jews for doing so.

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Spectralwulf 2 months ago

Pregnant women forced to get the jab is practically mandated abortion and who knows what the poison jabs will do to any fetuses that manage to survive. The insanity is going beyond the realm of lawfare as those in power who are responsible would do anything to avoid accountability by now. They must be committed to full-on tyranny and mass executions. The public may have to be committed to giving them the same.

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Freedom 2 months ago

Death is going to become so common it will lose its shock to people.

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