On the Nature of Womwn

Published on 09 Mar 2023 / In Jewish Question


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_Freedom_ 17 days ago

1. EMOTIONS-Their emotions dominate them and is the leading curse over all others. Most women are dreamers and do not live in a world where logic prevails. This leads their decision to do what feels good and not what’s practical. Women’s thought processes cannot be trusted because they have the ability to lie to themselves and justify most anything for fear she will not have provision and social acceptance.
2. DOMINATE-The desire to rebel against a man’s dominion over her. See Adam and Eve and current divorce rates. Women need men to lead them because a woman left to her own devises will usually self- destruct.
3. PROVISION-Their need for provision will over ride all logic, pride, and their race. Women will do most anything for provision, even prostitute herself, while convincing herself its justified.
4. ACCEPTANCE-Their desire for social acceptance. Women are not loners, they seek safety in a group. Without the anchor of acceptance, they feel adrift and fearful. They will go to great lengths to feel they are doing what is acceptable to fit a society norm.
5. EMPATHY-Women’s uncontrollable empathy leads them to be sympathetic toward evil’s plight. They have trouble being decisive enough to stop evil without allowing evil to creep in.
6. ATTENTION, especially from men – Women must have attention. Its their crack cocaine.
7. PLACING KIDS ABOVE HUSBAND-When kids come along, the women forget that her husband comes first. This ties into her emotions and nearly impossible for a woman to do.

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